About Us


At VAI Cosmetics, our mission is to connect with our customers, develop outstanding products, and continually raise the bar for positive beauty images worldwide. Through our unique beauty messaging, we aim to be the world's most positive beauty brand. In summary, our utmost mission is to “transform and enhance natural beauty with safe and high-quality products.”

Vision Statement

​We envisioned VAI Cosmetics as the topmost platform that offers unique all-inclusive services leading to the creation of a self-transformation experience for all clientele.

Get to Know our  Founder 

Dear VAI Beauties,

My name is Rhonda-Gail, a young immigrant woman from Liberia, West Africa. I moved to the United States with my family in 2012. My interest in the beauty industry came at a very young age. Growing up, my grandmother would dress me up in cute outfits and put light makeup on me every time we went out. I have a creative mind for beauty and a passion for helping others find confidence through beauty. My grandmother once told me that “You do not have to look like your problems in life. Look around you, breathe, and put some lipstick on.” This quote has worked for me every time I felt sick or down. I have learned that makeup or beauty products will not fix all of our life problems, but a positive beauty message is a step in the right direction. Hence, my co-founder and I decided to create VAI Cosmetics, where you too can Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

A Message From Our Co-Founder

Society has always tried to define beauty standards. In a world full of absolute uniqueness no one person can decide what is and what is not the standard. This is my mindset when I’m applying makeup. I want to accentuate what I already have with a quality product so that my true beauty can shine through. Eyes are the windows to the soul that deserve a great mascara. Some shading to define the brows and the perfect signature lipstick to top everything off. So if you’re vying for the look you have to get Vai cosmetics. Where the look is your look.



Since our very first day, VAI COSMETICS has been offering our customers the best selections of luxury products on the market. Whether you are shopping for lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, or other exclusive beauty products, we are your one-stop-shop. VAI COSMETICS offers high-quality makeup products because we care about your cosmetics needs. We have an extended range of products to meet your personality; whether you are looking for a simple, classic, or a more natural look, we are here for you. Our goal is to always provide the most reliable online service to our customers.

We have a team of experts to serve you with the most high-grade service. VAI COSMETICS makes every product by keeping the demands of our customers in mind. We focus on the latest makeup trends; in which everything is incorporated whether a creative or classical look, we stay current! 


VAI COSMETICS offers 24/7 customer's service

We have a competent team to assists you with 24/7 customer service, you can reach us whenever you have a question about anything on our website. Always Remember to Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.