Lipstick- How to apply your Lipstick for full coverage

Lipstick is the most commonly used product to color our lips and make them more attractive and alluring. With a variety of forms of lip colors like lip stains and liquid lip colors, here are a few simple steps to amp up the look of your lips even more. The first step to keep your lips fully healthy is by keeping them moisturized. During winter, lips are more inclined to dry out. You can use lipstick or even a lip gloss to help your lips look more attractive while keeping them in perfect condition. Having a healthy meal and always staying hydrated will keep your lips soft and beautiful.

Pre-application care lipstick is basically a mixture of wax, fragrance, oils and alcohols. The chemicals in them can cause harm over time to your lips. Taking care of your lips is essential. Keeping your lips hydrated is always a good idea. Before applying lipstick on your lips, always use a hydrating lip balm first. It works as a foundation for the lipstick and softens your lips. Fuller lips with two shades You can achieve a fuller lip look by using different shades of the same color. First, apply a layer of darker shade lipstick. Then, apply another layer of a lighter shade of the same color in the middle. Blend the two layers carefully. This will produce a delusion of a fuller lips. Choosing the right Lip Liner Using a lip liner can help you achieve the perfect lip. make sure to buy the shade that matches the lipstick that you are going to apply. Applying the liner Form a line slightly above the natural border of your lips with the liner and fill in the lipstick. This will help in defining your lips. Lipsticks with SPF UV rays can damage your lips like they do your skin. Exposure to the harsh sun rays can cause hyperpigmentation on the lips. Using a lipstick containing SPF during day time can help prevent discoloration of the lips. 1. Do not overuse your lipstick Use lipsticks when they’re most needed. Using lipsticks a lot over time can cause damage to your lips because of the chemicals in them. You can use a lip tint or colored lip balm instead of lipstick for regular use. You can also get lipsticks that contain vitamin E, jojoba oil, shade butter etc. that can help to keep your lips moisturized. Using gloss After applying lipstick, you can use lip gloss to highlight your lips. Pick a gloss that matches your lipstick and dab it onto the middle of both your lips. This will make your lips appear fuller and livelier. Using concealer before lipstick An easy trick to make your lips more attractive is to put on a concealer before your lipstick to blur the line between your lips and your face. Trace it slightly outside your natural lip line using a lip liner and then fill it in with a matching lipstick. Your perfect pout is ready. Matte shade If you don’t have a matte shade at hand, applying a thin layer of translucent powder over the top of your lipstick can create a matte look. 1. Using highlighter If you want a natural-looking sheen on your lips, there’s a simple trick to try. Apply a little highlighter to the center of your lips. Conclusion Just like the eyes, our lips also enhance the attractiveness of our face. Hope these tips for beautiful lips will help you gain the soft, luscious lips look.

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