With makeup becoming more of an essential in our beauty routines, especially if we want to go out, it sometimes becomes stressful to put on a makeup that looks beautiful and is quick and easy. There is an infinite number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the products as well as the styles you can use. It's easy to get confused by it all. Knowing a few makeup tricks will help you get it done without spending too much time, and also help you look your best. Here is a list of some simple makeup tricks that will leave you feeling gorgeous.

1. Pre-makeup routine

It is essential to have a pre-makeup routine almost as much as it’s important to find the right kind of makeup. Drinking plenty of water is always recommended because not only does it take the toxins out of your body, it also helps you and your skin in staying hydrated. A good sleep, healthy eating and regular exfoliating are important as well.

2. Always wash your face

Washing your face with clean water and a cleanser is always the first step to having that flawless makeup look. It takes out any residue of dirt from your face and creates a clean canvas on your face for you to work on.

3. Don’t skip the primer

Primer helps to smooth out your skin and smoothens the way for the products that you’ll apply later on your face. Choosing a good quality primer is important. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much on primer, you can simply use any non greasy face moisturizer of your choice. Adding the moisturizer will give your look the shine it needs and protect your skin.

4. Eye makeup First

Doing your eye makeup before you apply foundation makes your skin look fresher. You can also wipe away any residue mascara or eyeshadow that is left on your skin before applying foundation.

a. Lining the upper rim of the eye

If you want to really define your eyes, you can use a waterproof liner to trace the upper rim of your eye. It will help give your eyes the pop look and make you look more awake.

b. More mascara Report

After you’ve applied your eyeshadow and liner, apply a healthy amount of mascara.. A few coats of mascara opens up the eye and brings the focus to it. For the right application, you should coat the eyelashes from the root to the tip.

5. Strong Eyebrows

Fill in your eyebrows, and if you have fuller eyebrows, structure them accordingly. This will give added definition not just to your eyes, but to your face structure as well.

6.Choose your foundation carefully

Choosing the right kind of foundation can be tough, but it is the key to the right makeup look. Find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Choosing a shade lighter might leave your skin looking ashy, and selecting a shade too dark might leave your skin looking pigmented. It is advised to choose according to the undertone of your skin too.

Sheer foundation

Using a sheer foundation if you want a less heavy makeup can also help. So, if you have freckles and you want them to show, use a slightly sheer foundation that also provides light to medium coverage.

7. Use a concealer

Use a concealer that matches the foundation to cover up any unwanted blemishes and spots. This will give you a clear and fresh look. It is important to match the concealer with the foundation to avoid patchy looking skin.

8. Use nude colors

This is the simplest hack of all in the dictionary. Using nude or neutral colors helps you achieve the “no makeup” makeup look. It’s usually longer lasting and easier to put on. Choose shades that suit your skin, and it’s an easy ride from there.


The trouble of deciding which makeup look to rock is quite an everyday thing especially if you’re more of an outgoing person. Hope these tricks will help you create the look you want in no time.

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